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16 Year Olds

If you are 16 years old, I offer a 3 hour driving experience at Devon Drivers Centre Practice Road Circuit which is a purpose built practice area for those without a driving licence.   Not only is this great fun but is also good preparation for driving on public roads with the course comprising of several junctions (uphill and downhill), a roundabout, traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing.

What will you need?

Photographic evidence as proof of you being 16 years or over (e.g. provisional driving licence or passport)

What your lesson will consist of

I will pick you up from your home and drive you to Westpoint in Exeter.  During the drive to Westpoint, I will demonstrate how to move off and stop, gear changes and dealing with junctions.  Once we arrive at the circuit we will book in (proof of age must be shown to staff) we will swap seats.  After a briefing of how to set yourself up in the car (cockpit drill) and the use of foot controls and hand controls.  You will be trained to move off and stop safely.  We will then move onto junctions, emerging and turning left and right.  Don’t forget my car has dual controls so nothing will go wrong.

How much will it cost?


Why not share the cost by bringing a friend along?  This package is great for Birthday and Christmas presents.