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“Thanks John, for all the help you gave me and making me feel comfortable from the start. Thanks again,”


“Thanks John – and thank you for all your help, I have really enjoyed the whole experience :)”


“Hello John, thank you so much for all the effort you have put in with me. I could not thank you enough! It has genuinely been a pleasure having you as my instructor, and I will certainly miss it! Thank you again for everything you have done, it really does mean the world! I hope and wish the best of luck to your future students- I’m sure they will all be successful having you as their instructor! Thank you so so much, and I will for sure see you around!”


“Hi John! Thank you very much! And a further thanks for all your help, I definitely wouldn’t have passed without you. Best wishes”


“A huge thank you for successfully training Toby and getting him through his test first time! You were great, a true professional.”

Carol & Tim

“Thanks John! I really enjoyed learning with you, I wish you and your family all the best! Thanks again!”


“Hi John, thank you so much for all your help, you were a great teacher. Will definitely be recommending you to friends. Thank you.”


“Thank you so much for all your driving tuition, guidance and patience!
I have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons a I am sure I will miss them.
Thank you also for re-arranging lessons both for my test and coming up to it – it really was much appreciated! All the best,”


”For me, John was an excellent driving instructor, if I could give him a rating out of five stars, I’d give him a score of ten.

5 years prior to learning to drive with John I had started learning with another instructor, leaving part way through to attend university. When I returned to driving, I was very nervous, and initially found driving very hard.

John was incredibly understanding of this, and patient with me as we worked together to build my confidence. He was always, without fail, sensitive and empathetic, not just to any driving errors, but also to outside influences that might affect my driving (e.g. feeling unwell). His consideration always extended past the physicality of driving to my overall wellbeing as he understood that this could influence my ability and management of driving and tricky driving situations.

No matter what happened John remained calm, and soon I learned to be too. John was incredibly reassuring, and frequently reminded me that although I was in control of the car, if anything untoward happened, that he had the ability to intervene and “save” the situation.

John was an exceptional teacher; it took him very little time to tap into my learning style and adapt his teaching methods to suit me. John teaches with a range of techniques and incorporates appropriate technology where possible, which enabled a lot of the teaching resources to be transferred by email/text messages. This was so beneficial as it allowed me to revise everything from manoeuvres to specific junctions between lessons.

John is conscientious in his work, and where appropriate will send relevant documents and learning resources before or after lessons (e.g. reviewing specific weather conditions and driving, or driving at night time). John also records your progress lesson by lesson and will often give you a heads up of what you will be doing next time. Not only did this allow for quick and easy “check ins” to monitor progress, but it also allowed me to prepare mentally, and go over sections of the highway code etc. before the next lesson- something that also helped to relax me and reduce my nerves.

One of the most striking aspects of John’s teaching was his standards, he will not just teach you to pass the practical test, he will teach you to be SAFE, to be ECONOMICAL, CONSIDERATE and OBSERVANT.
I have absolutely zero reservations about recommending anyone and everyone wanting to learn how to drive to choose John.”